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Dr. Nancy Halevi

Licensed Clinical Psychologist​



The Number One Relationship

Posted on 2 July, 2014 at 21:45

Relationships are sometimes not easy! And yet, we all yearn for healthy, safe reciprocal, nurturing relationships. We are biologically designed, from birth—and throughout the life span, to thrive when we experience such relationships. So why are they so difficult?

I would posit that one reason may be that we tend to ignore the most important relationship of all. The relationship with ourselves. I do not mean to suggest that we should be only for ourselves, but if we do not include ourselves, who will?

We each possess an expertise, which is unique in all the world. We are experts in ourselves. No one will ever know as much about your story, feelings and thoughts as you do. And yet, this expertise does not always result in understanding and self –awareness. Knowing our story and understanding its meaning are two different things.

There are many ways to begin a journey of self-awareness and fulfillment. A first step might be to slow down a little. Take a few minutes everyday to check in with yourself. Sit quietly and allow the noise of your thoughts and feelings to slowly quiet. Suspend all judgments about right and wrong. Just be. There is no right or wrong. There is just acknowledgement and acceptance. Listen for your inner voice and wisdom to emerge. This voice, this wisdom, is the entrance to self.

Categories: Relationships